Resistive-capacitive touch screen systems

Experience and the continuous research into advanced technologies applicable to touch devices allows us to supply you with innovative and functional applications for any sector type.

Our supply services cover a wide range of needs, such as, for example:

  • 4-5-wire resistive touch screens
  • matrix-type resistive touch screens
  • TrueFlat resistive touch screens
  • capacitive touch screens
  • controller cards
  • Bonded systems: Touch + cover lens + lcd
  • Combinations: touch screen + metallic or plastic support

Reliable and durable touch screens over time

GWe guarantee reliability and durability; the solutions, in fact, that we propose to our customers are subject to very rigid tests and inspections so as to offer an extremely high-quality product.

We can customise various solutions by dimension, thickness, tail exit, connectors, layers and lens covers to satisfy every design requirement.


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